Teachers in the Movement Institute 2020

Living Black History: Teaching in the Era of Black Lives Matter

The TIM Institute is a three day experience for K-12 teachers to gain inspiration and affirm our commitments to the teaching of Black histories. Grounded in historian Manning Marable’s notion of “living Black history,” the Institute encourages teachers to view the history of Black Americans not merely as artifacts of the past, but rather as dynamic and ongoing moments intricately connected to the present. In doing so, we will critically examine our curriculum standards, and use counter-narratives to learn from Black perspectives. Then we will collaborate to plan lessons that use high-interest artifacts and oral histories. At the end of the institute, teachers will be empowered with new ideas and curriculum resources, including photosets, readings, primary sources, and a mixtape.

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Each day will be a synchronous live meeting from 5-7 PM EST.

August 25, Day 1

We will respond to the curriculum’s erasure of Black Histories and the failure to name white supremacy. We will set the record straight by using counter stories and critical histories.

August 26, Day 2

We will connect the past and present to learn about the historic lineage of teachers in the Movements. We will learn more about Black Lives Matter and teaching for Black Lives in 2020. Keynote guest Dr. Bettina Love will discuss abolitionist teaching.

  • Living Black Histories VIEW VIDEO
  • Primary Sources and Teaching from the BLM Protests – VIEW VIDEO 
  • What is BLM in Schools? VIEW VIDEO
  • Keynote: Abolitionist Teaching with Dr. Bettina Love

August 27, Day 3

We will debut the Teachers in the Movement Documentary, and learn about using oral histories to engage K-12 students. The institute will end with a workshop for teachers to collaborate on lesson design and apply the ideas they have learned.

  • Teachers in the Movement Documentary
  • Oral History as Practice: VIEW VIDEO 
  • Teacher Workshop: Lesson Plan Collaboration

Keynote Special Guest

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Dr. Bettina Love

Abolitionist Teaching for Disruption & Educational Justice

Description: Dr. Love’s talk will examine how oppressive educational systems can be dismantled and what alternatives can be created through an Abolitionist Teaching framework. The overall goal of her talk is to understand how the intellectual work and direct action methods of Black liberation can be the foundation for the creation of new education systems that center love, justice, equity, and the lives of Black and Brown children.

Bio: Dr. Bettina L. Love is an award-winning author and the Athletic Association Endowed Professor at the University of Georgia. She is one of the field’s most esteemed educational researchers. Her writing, research, teaching, and activism meet at the intersection of race, education, abolition, and Black joy. Dr. Love is concerned with how educators working with parents and communities can build communal, civically engaged schools rooted in Abolitionist Teaching with the goal of intersectional social justice for equitable classrooms that love and affirm Black and Brown children. In 2020, Dr. Love co-founded the Abolitionist Teaching Network (ATN). ATN’s mission is simple: develop and support teachers and parents to fight injustice within their schools and communities.


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