Patricia Ramón
Hannah Malcolm
Mrs. Patricia Ramón was undeniably an influential and inspiring English teacher. Her many accolades and teacher awards evidence this.
Addison Glenn
Addison Glenn
I first learned about oral history while taking “Introduction to African and African American Studies” during my first year at the University of Virginia (UVA).
Utilizing Oral Histories in the Classroom
Amal Abbass
In her TED Talk “The danger of a single story,” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie states that the flattening, dehumanizing effect of a single story is extricable from the concept of power.
The Power of Oral History
Pete Schumacher
Part of what I really liked about the oral histories is the human element. It’s one thing to learn about a famous person in a textbook. It makes things impressively relevant to hear stories passed down over time.
Bringing Teachers in the Movement to Grade 4 Virginia History
Dorothy Drake
At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year I will be sending a letter to fourth grade parents to share my experience with Teachers in the Movement at UVA, 2020.
Teachers in the Movement - A Reflective Blog Post
Alexandra Roosenburg
In August, I was fortunate to attend a 3 day Professional Development institute led by Teachers in the Movement, which covered Black history and current events, and how to teach a more inclusive history course.  
The Transformation of a Local Black Community
Alex Rode
Through my work on the Teachers in the Movement project, I observed one thing that is always present when someone is achieving a goal they desire, and that is strong community support.
Flora Crittenden
Celina Adams
Mrs. Flora Crittenden is a remarkable woman who positively impacted her students and community throughout her lifetime. She worked as an educator, guidance counselor, and politician during the Civil Rights Movement.
civil right pic
Criszia Edmonds
The Teachers in the Movement Institute empowered me not only as an educator but also as a Black woman in America. The power of the voice was a constant theme woven seamlessly throughout the week’s activities.
Kirsten Wall
Throughout the week at the Teachers in the Movement Summer Institute, we read articles, heard lectures, and discussed the topic of how the Civil Rights Movement is taught in schools.