Full Interview with Janette Boyd Martin
Full Interview with Berdell Fleming
Full Interview with Sylvia Elder
Full Interview with Dorothy Dunnings
Full Interview for Dr. Owen Cardwell
Full Interview for Dr. Aubrey S. Escoffery and Dr. Renee Escoffery-Torres
Full Interview for Russell Hopson
Full Interview for Dr. Tom Hanchet
Full Interview for Dr. Dianne Boardley Suber
Full interview for Ernest Holley
Full interview for Carolyn Addison
Full interview for Jennifer Thomson
Full interview for Shephard Johnson
Full Interview for Druscilla Lee
Full Interview for Dr. Margaret Bristow
Full Interview for Hattie Suber
Full interview for Steven James
Full Interview for Diane Price
Full Interview for Jennifer Petticolas
Full interview for Audrey Perry Williams
Full interview for Corlis Anderson
Full interview for David Jenkins
Full interview for Charles Love
Short title
History! Herstory! Yourstory!
civil right pic
The Teachers in the Movement Institute empowered me not only as an educator but also as a Black woman in America. The power of the voice was a constant theme woven seamlessly throughout the week’s activities.
Short title
Building Community
I attended the Teachers in the Movement Institute at the University of Virginia in Summer 2019 to learn more about ways to connect historical content to both the community and the lived experiences of students.